The Benefits of Hypnosis


Hypnosis is a state of focused attention and increased suggestability, directed at a particular issue or goal.

Hypnosis allows positive suggestions to be given to the unconscious (or sub-conscious) mind and often produces deep relaxation.

Hypnosis utilises the natural state of trance which a person may experience many times during the day. Watching television, daydreaming, driving and not remembering the journey or being engrossed in a book are all natural trance states.

Think of a time when you were entranced by natures beauty…….

The suggestions provided by the hypnotist during trance allow the unconscious mind to focus on the desired goal and offer up the appropriate resources required to achieve it. We have the ability to change our neurology, by disrupting old patterns and installing new ones.

Our imagination is our most powerful tool and whatever we can believe, we can achieve. That old adage “ Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, your right” is so true.  Hypnosis allows you to believe you can, while providing the resources needed to get there.

Hypnosis can also have a positive effect on the physical body by eliciting the relaxation response through stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system.

This is because your unconscious mind as well as influencing your behaviours and beliefs is also responsible for running your body processes such as controlling your heart rate and regulating your breathing (imagine if you had to consciously think about breathing all the time).

When a person is in trance their heart rate slows and blood pressure drops, breathing generally slows and deepens and muscles relax and let go. This makes it an excellent method of managing stress and anxiety.

To demonstrate the power of the mind over the body try the following exercise below.


Imagine a large juicy lemon….

Now, imagine picking it up and feeling the sensation of its textured skin, noticing the shape and size as you turn it over in your hands……… imagine digging your nails into the skin and releasing the citrus scent……… now, imagine you cut the lemon in half and notice how the juice spurts and drips out as you do… and then imagine you pick up half of that juicy lemon and bite into it…….

Is your mouth watering?

There is no lemon! Your body reacted to the idea of a lemon.

So how might your current thinking be impacting your flight, fright, freeze response which activates in response to perceived threats. (see Stress and Anxiety).

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