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Does anxiety stop you living life to the full? Does the thought of entering certain social situations leave you feeling panicky? What if there was a drug free solution that not only gave you piece of mind but also increased your confidence and self-worth. Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for people suffering from fears, phobias, anxiety and unwanted habits.

Most people experience some level of stress and anxiety in their life at some time and a little anxiety can be good for us, it makes us strive to be better or to meet that deadline or to keep those we love safe. However when stress and anxiety reach levels where they are affecting our lives or our health it is time to take action.

So what can you do to combat these debilitating symptoms? Changing the way your brain perceives and reacts to the world is the most effective method and can be achieved through hypnosis

As a specialist in the treatment of anxiety, I can help you by identifying how your brain is driving your anxiety and provide you with easy to learn tools which will have you back in charge of your life, feeling confident and in control.



Anxiety is a sign that our nervous system has been triggered and is a protective mechanism activated by one of either two structures in our brain. The pre-frontal cortex or the Amygdala, how your anxiety manifests will identify which of these structures is driving it. If you worry a lot, creating images of everything that could go wrong, then it is most likely arising in the pre-frontal cortex whereas the Amygdala is more likely to fire off anxiety in response to particular events, sights or sounds.

Our Amygdala reacts to perceived threats by triggering the release of adrenaline and cortisol (stress hormones) and when we don’t fight or flee, these powerful hormones have a damaging effect on both our mental and physical health. The freeze response can also stop us in our tracks when we become paralysed by fear and anxiety to the point where even making the simplest of decisions can seem impossible.

Symptoms of stress and anxiety include: feeling inadequate, constant worrying/catastrophising, emotional swings, muscle tension, teeth clenching, headaches, racing heart, sleep disturbance, trembling, shallow breathing or feeling as though you can’t breathe.

Behaviours and habits such as nail-biting, smoking and emotional eating are often caused by underlying anxiety.  Your unconscious mind is always working to keep you safe. During hypnosis, I will talk to your unconscious mind and encourage it to find more productive and resourceful ways to achieve this.

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Hypnosis is a state of focussed attention and heightened suggestability. Hypnosis or trance is a natural state which we can harness to create fast and powerful positive change. The process can be fun, enjoyable and may even appear effortless. Hypnosis activates the relaxation response by triggering the parasympathetic nervous system which then slows our breathing, heart rate and can lower blood pressure. You can think of it like a mini vacation!  Not only does it allow a person to relax deeply, it also allows for neuroplasticity to occur.

Neuroplasticity consists of creating new neural pathways in the brain, thereby altering patterns of behaviours. Neurons that wire together fire together which is how new neural pathways are created. If you imagine a field of long grass…if you walk through that grass you will trample some down, but if you walk up and down that same route several times, you will create a well worn path. The same is true of the neural pathways in your brain, repeated behaviours strengthen those pathways whether they are negative or positive. During hypnosis I can move you away from the problem and towards the solution by focussing your unconscious mind on your desired outcome and creating new pathways by interrupting the old behaviours and making your brain take a new route.

I am passionate about helping people break free from stress and anxiety and helping them to access their inherent resources.

Anxiety Release Programme

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