Hypnotherapy for Healthcare Professionals

Are you working in healthcare? Feeling stressed and anxious about your next shift? Feeling overwhelmed? Struggling to get that work-life balance? Is work affecting your personal relationships?

Healthcare has become busier as populations increase and people live longer with more complex health issues. Hospitals are stressful environments at the best of times and with increased demand on limited resources, it can feel frustrating not to be able to provide the high standards of care we all strive for.

I am a fully trained hypnotherapist and coach and with 30 years of experience as a healthcare professional, I understand the daily pressures those working in this sector can face.

Hypnotherapy is highly effective in relieving stress and anxiety and your sessions will be individually tailored to your needs.
Learning to relax and let go of stress and limiting beliefs allows you to improve performance and overall well-being.
I will teach you techniques you can use anywhere and provide you with a recording that will reinforce the changes attained during the sessions

We all experience natural trance states during our day and it’s what we are telling ourselves during this time that matters. Your perception of the world creates your reality. I will help you change that negative trance into a positive one enabling you to look forward to the next shift instead of dreading it and enabling you to regain control over your thinking, achieve your goals and reignite your passion for healthcare.

We have little control over the demands on our service, staffing levels or the constant change taking place in our work environments. However, it is possible to change how we react to them, increase resilience and flexibility of thinking by changing the filters through which we process all the information coming at us and taking time to care for ourselves.
Hypnosis is also highly effective for weight management, smoking cessation, fears and phobias, trauma release, pain management and more.


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