Welcome to Trance Works, Auckland.

Hi I’m Becky Moore, a trained hypnotherapist and coach based in Auckland, New Zealand.

My commitment, is to help you gain insights, find new resources and create new ways of thinking, while having an enjoyable and interesting experience. With 30 +years’ experience working in the health sector, you can be sure you are in good hands.



What drew me to Hypnosis

A desire to release my own baggage and change some old beliefs that no longer served me.

From a young age, I had suffered from a lack of confidence and self-esteem which really held me back in life. This was largely due to limiting beliefs that I held about myself. Often these beliefs are not our own, but we have taken them on as our own during our life. Many of these beliefs are formed before a person reaches 7 years old.

I have found hypnosis to be an effective way to generate powerful and long-lasting positive change in both myself and others. READ MORE 



Imagine a more confident you.  During a hypnotherapy session, limiting beliefs are transformed and provide a new sense of control over your thoughts and behaviours.

Feeling positive and empowered leads to an abundance of good things happening in every area of your life



Imagine a life where you are in control, without those worriesome thought loops?

Free from unwanted, health damaging habits

Not just for overcoming issues, Hypnosis can also help you improve any area of performance, be it work, sport or public speaking.


Lasting Change

 Learn self-hypnosis and other tools which will enable you to remain centered in any situation. Continue the journey of mastering the mind towards independence and self-empowerment.

Learn how to be smarter than your brain!


Hi Becky, wow since the last time I saw you last Thursday I have felt sooooo much better. I think the culmination of all of our sessions and my putting it into practice has made a huge difference. I’m in a much better place emotionally thanks to your techniques. I will definitely see you again but for now, I would like to say to anyone interested in seeing Becky…… DO IT. Becky is lovely. Compassionate, understanding, encouraging and a GREAT listener.

Caroline M

Becky has been a wonderful support to me while I have worked through some life changes, and helped me grow in my confidence. Not only has her coaching been of great help in finding my own ways to manage stressors and change my mindset, but incorporating hypnosis has reinforced these changes and enabled me to practice more confidently, competently and contentedly as a nurse. I can not recommend her more highly.

Georgiana L

Becky worked with me to help me better manage my anxiety. It was a pleasure to work with her. She made me feel at ease and willing to open up to her about my anxiety struggles. It was such a cool feeling going into hypnosis and learning the very helpful strategies to help combat anxiety. Using these strategies has already made a positive impact on my life. Thanks, Becky for all your hard work!

Danjella T

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What my subscribers are saying….

Hi Becky,
Thank you for your wonderful hand exercise. It really helped me and I will continue to use this useful, calming exercise in the future.
                    B. Mandeville