Executive State Identification

All too often, we experience a state of mind that prevents us from performing at our best, such as a fearful state becoming executive when we really need to be confident.

Having the right state for the right moment can be crucial when going for an interview or giving a presentation.

Executive means ‘the boss’, State refers to the part of you and Identification is the knowing so ESI is ‘Knowing the part of you that’s boss’.

Our parts are even common in our language, as we talk about our parts and the inner voices. Buying a pair of shoes or a new car can create a discussion between two of our parts. One part may say, “I like it, and I want it” while another part may say, “it’s too expensive. I can’t afford it.” Simply put our states are different aspects of our personality.

ESI can help you identify which states are supportive in assisting you to achieve a particular goal and which are inhibitive or prevent us from achieving the desired result.


Just the process of mapping the states can provide ‘Aha’ moments for people when they realise they have been allowing the wrong states to run the show.

Useful for individuals wanting to achieve a particular goal, corporate settings, and schools.

Executive State Identification

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